Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love Found me

It's being like forever since i last updated.....dont worry i've got enuf gist for u but i wont go into details.

firstly, i broke up with 'sexy' or did he break up with me?....anyways, we aint 2geda anymore. but dat dont mean dat i'm single......i'm in a new relationship...sth i havent done's long distance.

i kept me heart under lock-and -key and this very humble messenger of LOVE came and opened it up. he brought with him all the good things i could ever ask for....

believe me when i say this...LOVE FOUND ME.

i dont know if i'm in love with him but i can tell you he is in love with me. i'll guess i'll grow to love him in return...

but for now, i'm enjoying the attention i'm getting from everyone...My Exs, my 'shoe-shiners' and my 18000 miles-apart boyfriend....

aint i lucky????

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