Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love Found me

It's being like forever since i last updated.....dont worry i've got enuf gist for u but i wont go into details.

firstly, i broke up with 'sexy' or did he break up with me?....anyways, we aint 2geda anymore. but dat dont mean dat i'm single......i'm in a new relationship...sth i havent done's long distance.

i kept me heart under lock-and -key and this very humble messenger of LOVE came and opened it up. he brought with him all the good things i could ever ask for....

believe me when i say this...LOVE FOUND ME.

i dont know if i'm in love with him but i can tell you he is in love with me. i'll guess i'll grow to love him in return...

but for now, i'm enjoying the attention i'm getting from everyone...My Exs, my 'shoe-shiners' and my 18000 miles-apart boyfriend....

aint i lucky????

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


i hate it when we do wrong stuffs and attribute them to PMS.....that was wat i did today. i woke up feeling like not coming to work...

journey down to the office was not ok...the traffic didn't help matters at allllll. got in and didnt feel like talking to anyone....just kept ingnoring pple though i responded to greetings.... (grumpy all through)

'my friend' tried to make me laff but it didnt change my look.....had to wear excess makeup inorder not to look too gloomy. excess makeup here doesnt necessarily mean looking like a runway model..nope i just had green shadows (to match my top and hair accessories) and red - almost wine- lipstick.....

'sexy' isnt even helping matters...he's just as worse as my morning.

i have one regret though.....i should have at least responded to 'pencil' when he tried to be of help....i know he might never get to read this but i will feel better knowing i apologised to him...'pencil' i'm sorry! (whew, dat felt good!)

enough already....i just hope i never get to experience dis kind of day AGAIN!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm new!!!

Hi guyes,

i'm a first-timer and do not know wat to do....

just thot twill be fun to own a blog spot where i can leave comments every now and then

but now i'm lost. how do i upload my pictures???